Displays waaruit passie spreekt

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Vinke Display BV
Spinveld 20
4815 HS Breda
T: +31-76-522 38 90
E: info@vinkedisplay.com

FTP details

You can upload files to our server using an FTP connection. To do this, your FTP client has to connect to FTP server or, via Internet Explorer, go toftp://

To use this system, you need FTP software, such as FileZilla which can be downloaded free of charge from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/

Please give your zipped file or folder a name that Vinke can recognize, for example, VINKE_PROJECT1.

Please inform us by e-mail or telephone once you have uploaded files or folders.

Please send any questions you may have for our help desk to info@vinkedisplay.com, quoting Helpdesk FTP.

Delivery specifications

What you have to send us:

* Approved colour sample, preferably a hard copy (if you do not supply a colour sample, we can provide one for you).
* Low resolution PDF, including litho drawing.
* For processing PDFs, we adhere to the graphic standard for print-ready files: PDF 1.4.

Technical specifications:

* Images must be supplied at 100% scale, 300 DPI resolution, and made up in CMYK.
* Line thicknesses must be at least 0.15 mm, and text and logos must be positioned at least 5 mm away from cutting or folding lines. Deviations are possible in consultation.
* All files must have a layout with at least 5 mm and a maximum of 10 mm overfill.
* Cutting and plot lines must be overprinted in a different PMS colour.
* All text in the file must be supplied in LETTER CONTOURS and categorically not in a custom typeface.

How to send us data:

* You can send digital files to us using in different ways: FTP (see above) / CD / E-mail (We Transfer).