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Displays have to catch the eye and tempt people to buy!

But they also have to be functional. They have to be strong and powerful to project quality and suitable for widely ranging distribution methods.

Whether you want to assemble the display on the shop floor or send it to retail outlets via a DC, Vinke Display knows what is important.

We like to contribute ideas, place our experience (spanning almost 50 years) at your disposal, and make sure that your display achieves your objectives without any problems!

If you want to put the display together on the shop floor, we make sure it is compact enough for easy transport and fast assembly.

If the display is to go through a lengthy logistics process and be shipped via a DC, we take all the requirements of the logistics chain into account, advise you on the best type of pallet to use (wood, CHEP, dolly*…), and ensure that the display is easy to handle.

If you want us to, we can go a step further and advise you on merchandising or filling the display. We can even do this on your behalf.

* Vinke Display is an official supplier of all AH rolly and dolly display systems